The children of the Fondation

Over the past 26 years the Foundation has developed seven Sherpa cultural projects in the valleys of Everest, Solukhumbu and Makalu (renovation of mills, chörtens and monasteries). Most importantly, it helped to fully educate 39 orphaned children whose fathers have died on Himalayan expeditions.

In 2023, we still support the education of 12 children/students.

The children at Little Angels’ school

The 6 young children are now all happy about their school and have made friends in different ethnic groups.

Ang Sumba, class 12
He has changed physically a lot and no longer has dermatological problems on his hands and on his face. He would like to prepare to join the Gurkha army but he needs also to prepare a different plan in case he is not taken.

Karma Tshering, class 2
After having waited a long time to enter the school due to Covid, He is now integrated but still shy. He already understands well English. He likes also to play football, to swim and to learn Math.

Kusang, class 4
Very present with his big eyes. Not happy that his sister, Lhakpa Yangjum, got married during lock-down because she thought studying at LA was too difficult. He wants to study and succeed for two. He likes playing football and swimming.

Lhakpa Yangjum, class 7
During Covid confinement, she stayed with her uncle in the village and unfortunately decided to stop her studies at class 8 and get married.

Nawang Palden, class 5
Last time I saw her she was a little shy girl, now she is a very peaceful pre-teenager… She likes swimming, studying English and social studies. Her friends are Gurung and Sherpa. She spent 6 months in the village during lock-down with her nice grandfather. Her mother is in USA, remarried and calls her only during vacation.

Pemba Chhetan, class 8
He has grown up a lot. His father died in the Everest avalanche in 2014. His mother, Nima Doma, climbed Everest with another widow in spring 2019!! She is very grateful to the Foundation. He is very interested in greek mythology…. He likes playing basket ball and would like to go into business/management. His results are weak, he says he is distracted with others…

Tashi Tshering, class 10
The problem child has become a very nice and responsible teenager. He now likes the school and would like to go in Class 11 &12 in Science. During the lock-down, he returned to Pangboche, helped his mother with the yaks, the potato fields and the lodge and this experience transformed him. He has seen a lot of helicopters and would like now to become a pilot…