The children of the Foundation

Over the past 23 years the Foundation has developed seven Sherpa cultural projects in the valleys of Everest, Solu Khumbu and Makalu (renovation of mills, chörtens and monasteries). Most importantly, it helped to fully educate 38 orphaned children whose fathers have died on Himalayan expeditions.

In 2019, we still support the education of 18 students (including two new ones).

The students

Nima Tenzi,
4th year, Bachelor of Engineering, Kathmandu Engineering College. He just finished his program and will come to Switzerland in June 2019 to do an internship in several hydropower companies in Graubünden.

Phurba Phuti,
3rd year, Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Xavier International College. She has just been elected “Student of the year” in her college. She would like to continue her career with a Master’s degree in psychology.

Pasang Yangdu,
3rd year, Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Xavier International College. She is also a volunteer at SERC (Special Education for Special Children) in Baluwatar. She will also finish in May 2019.

Phurba Phuti,
3rd year, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), KIST College. She studies accounting and business management.

3rd year, Nurse Diploma, Norvic Institution of Nursing. Passionate about her studies, she will work for one or two years and will then begin a Bachelor of Nursing.

Mingma Tenjing,
3rd year, Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Little Angels’ College. He will soon be doing his internship abroad.